Hiding Onstage


I am just catching up on the miracle that is Steffany Gretzinger’s 2014 album, “The Undoing”. This album, her first full solo piano album, comes from a place of deep vulnerability and rawness, which is precisely what pulls listeners into her worship and her questions. The words of her songs echoed and formed my prayers, my communication with God – in this recent challenging season.

As we discern how genuine and honest we are to be in singing, writing, teaching, and leading, we often run into the line of “appropriate” vulnerability. How much can be shared about our own pain and processes before we make our audience uncomfortable? How honest can we be in describing our doubts before our “fit for leadership” is examined? When is sharing our experiences helpful, when is it distracting, and when is it self-serving? Is there a clear line anywhere that we can make a “share this, not this” list? It doesn’t seem so.

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