Rise & Shine!

I love mornings. Now, I’m not one of those spring-out-of-bed-cheerful-and-ready-for-the-day people. (Do those people really exist?) I wake up and hit the snooze immediately most mornings, and eventually roll out of bed and start the process of waking up.  I do like the mornings, though, and when I do get up and get the day started, I love the feeling of being productive and accomplished in the a.m.
There’s an awesome post from November on The Yellow Blog about mornings, and the amount of pressure and disappointment we feel about all the things that should get done before we get out of the house, that are usually totally unrealistic. In the spirit of the New Year and living in a new (to me) house, I thought it would be a great time to re-vamp the morning routine with their tips and some reality-checked expectations.

There were some good general tips about mornings, like in order to avoid decision fatigue, think through as much as you can the night before, and to be realistic, just add one new practice at a time. My favorite and most useful part of the article, though, was her section on goal and priorities. She says, “the first step in creating your perfect morning ritual is asking yourself what it is you truly need from the start of your day. How do you want to feel when you leave for work?” She wanted to feel “present, connected, creative, and clear-sighted“, and so she made an action plan to turn those into tangible steps!

When I leave in the morning (for work or wherever), I want to feel:

  • Awake & Present
  • Connected to God
  • Connected to my self & body
  • Connected to my purpose

That means that I have to take some specific steps, too!

  1. To be Awake & Present, I will wake up at a time earlier than “the last possible minute before I am going to be rushing out the door and potentially late to work” – this means no more snoozing my alarm! 14 days to make a habit, right? Here we go.
  2. To be Connected to God, I will spend time each morning before I start getting ready, in slow, quiet, and honest prayer, talking to God about what’s coming up in that day, submitting my fears and uncertainties to His capable hands, and reminding myself of all the ways He has been faithful, and will continue to be that day.
  3. To be Connected to My Self & Body, I will stretch and spend a few minutes breathing deeply to start the day. This one takes so little time, but makes a marked difference in my physical and emotional health. Eventually, I will add in eating breakfast to this habit, but this season isn’t one where that works. I’ll stick with my coffee at work. 🙂
  4. To be Connected to My Purpose, I will consider the many things I have to be grateful for, especially in my work and ministry, and open myself up to the ways and relationships through which God can work there, so that I can begin the day hopeful and receptive to His purposes that give my life direction.

It seems that the key to my happiness in the morning routine comes from doing things slowly, so that will be my mantra in this new season – giving myself time and space to move slowly and to settle into my self and my life each morning.

Here’s to 2016 and slower mornings for me. How will you take control of the morning madness in this new year?





2 thoughts on “Rise & Shine!

  1. Stacey says:

    Sarah this post is FOR ME! I definitely have such high expectations of what my morning will be like and then I’m over here hitting the snooze button way too many times. Great, practical advice…I think I need to think this through more seriously before next week’s routine hits again!

    • Sarah Rose says:

      Yes!! It’s been a hard week for me, but I’ve been adding one thing at a time. This week is hitting snooze less and waking up, even if I don’t actually get out of bed. 🙂 Haven’t been late yet! Though, I have done my makeup in the car in the parking lot at work. Haha! Baby steps!

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