Waiting on the Lord

In her book, Restless, Jennie Allen writes, 

“I am beginning to think God’s favorite word in the entire universe is WAIT.” 

Throughout Scripture, God worked in and through all different kinds of people, and one of the very few things they had in common was that at some point, they waited on the Lord. I’m talking about a significant period of their lives spent waiting. When I read stories like that of Joseph waiting years for a prophecy to be fulfilled, or of Sarah and Abraham waiting decades for a child, my focus is on the result of their years of waiting – the gift they received at the end! Whether it was a long-awaited offspring or the position of power that had been promised, it seems that everything was “worth the wait” because of the blessing that came in the end. 

Folks, let me be honest and admit – that is not enough for me…….

I’m over at Project WOW this morning, head over to their site to read the rest!


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