If you have talked to me anytime in the past…year, then you know that my saving grace has been the truth that “all seasons have an end” and that “things aren’t always going to be the way they are today”. That has been the hope, and thank goodness, that has been the reality! There has been so much refreshing change in my life. One season has ended and another has begun, and it’s revitalizing and challenging in great ways!

It has been two whole months of silence here on the blog, I am so sorry! Life has been a whirlwind, and keeping my head above water is about all I could do those days! Here’s what’s been going on…

CHURCH – I stepped out of my ministry role at Cornerstone at the beginning of this school year in September, which was so bittersweet after almost 7 years of serving there. I love the people at that church, and the youth ministry is absolutely incredible! I miss it a lot, but I know that committing fully to my church and community at Christian Assembly was what was the priority, and that has been great. I’m involved in their Fusion community on Sunday nights, and have been co-leading a group in their recovery ministry that I absolutely love. It’s so nice to be all-in at one church and get to invest fully!

JOB – I recently accepted a position in the Office of University Advancement here at APU, which meant saying a tearful goodbye to my friends in Discipleship Ministries/Campus Pastors/Chapel Programs, after working there for 5 years, and scooting over to my new office on West Campus. It’s a different arm of the university than I’ve experienced previously in Student Life, but I’m really enjoying it. The work is all new and interesting and I am learning a whole lot, and the staff in this office are fantastic. Also, it’s a full-time position, so praise the Lord, I have health benefits! 🙂

SCHOOL – I went to APU from 2005-2009, and then did my Master’s at CBU from 2012-2013, and haven’t done anything academic since in the last 2 years. For some, this is a welcome respite from studying and reading, even a lifetime one. For me, it’s a forced break to stop accumulating student loans and start paying them back. I am so excited to be working full-time in higher ed., though, and to have the chance to take a class here each semester for free, so I’ve applied to a Master’s in English program here and hope to start in the spring, doing that one class at a time.

HOME – The saddest part of all the changes is that our lovely Duell House has officially disbanded! Two of the lovelies are getting married in the coming months, and the other is moving out of state in January. After living together for 5 years, we are all parting and going out separate ways, which is so sad and truly the end of an era. We are all so excited about our new life seasons, but it was so sad to say goodbye and to wake up the next day in an unfamiliar house without the familiar roommate-sounds of getting ready in the morning that I’ve gotten used to over these years. I’m thankful that I found an awesome young family to rent a room from for the next few months while I figure out what my housing will look like in the coming years, and I feel super lucky to have them as roommates for now! 🙂


The Duell House roomies ❤

All that to say, there has been a LOT of change in my life recently, and it is all quite welcomed and appreciated. I’m in the process of getting used to this new season and practicing lots of gratitude for it as I settle in. It seems fitting that I bought a set of three journals labeled “Chapter 1”, “Chapter 2”, and “Chapter 3” a few months ago, and just finished the 1st chapter as all of this started to change. I’ve been challenged by what it means to “Love your neighbor” in a season where almost all of those “neighbors” in my life are different than they have been in the last 2,3,5,7 year, but that is an exciting, fresh challenge that is so vitally important. Here’s to the changing tides.

One thought on “Updates

  1. Stacey says:

    Aww I know how hard it is to leave roommates who have become the closest of friends over many years of laughter, tears, long conversations, and shared meals together. But happy that this next new season is looking bright! 🙂

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