What I’m Into: April 2015 Edition


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What I’m Reading:

Thanks to some lovely birthday gift cards, I bought these four books at the beginning of the month, and have been reading all four, but haven’t finished any of them, so reviews will have to wait until next month! They are each so fantastic and I’m deeply enjoying them.


What I’m Eating/Cooking:

Whenever people ask “what’s good to eat in this area?”, I respond with the same options, so here they are…

Siam Palace in Azusa – my absolute, 100% most favorite thai food!

Sushi-n-I in Glendora – incredible sushi, never had a bad experience or a roll we didn’t like!

Luca Bella in Glendora – great sandwiches and the best side salad!

VN Cuisine in San Dimas – such fresh and delicious vietnamese pho!

These are basically what I’ve been eating this month.. While there has been a lot of eating, there has been very little cooking. And it’s been delightful. 🙂


On the Internets:

This is true and worth reading, on Premenstrual Ministry

Here’s a great blog and video of my friend Kate’s message at George Fox University Chapel earlier this month

My dad suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, so I posted this handy little Buzzfeed article about the disease

Finally, Glennon does it again with her story, “The Most Honest, Beautiful, Important Question I Have Ever Heard Anyone Ask


What I’m Writing:

I’ve been trying to get back in the habit of writing, and the busyness of the season has made that difficult, but here are two pieces that made it through the craziness and onto the blog world!

The first was this post, “Reading Shows Me How to Live” on my deep and lifelong love for reading and how that contributes to social skills, rather than detracting from them. The second was one on “Intimacy and Patience”, a much more unrefined piece on vulnerability than I’m used to writing, or at least more than I’m used to publishing to readers.

Working on some ideas for upcoming projects and the blessed summer, full of rest and time to read and be re-inspired!


What I’ve Been Up To:

It’s been a great, full month. We celebrated my Dad’s birthday by going to the Grammy Museum and seeing the Stevie Ray Vaughn exhibit, which was a blast! I also co-coordinated and taught at the Cornerstone Women’s Day Retreat, that was a day full of great encouragement and fellowship. Just a few more days until we leave for 9 days in BELIZE on vacation, which I simply can’t wait for!

I’ll take lots of pictures for next month’s “What I’m Into” – here’s to the end of the APU school year and the beginning of summertime!



2 thoughts on “What I’m Into: April 2015 Edition

  1. staceylee220 says:

    Siam Palace…how I dearly miss you. No other Thai food in the world (even some food from actual Thailand) can compare…oh, and Luca Bella…my mouth is drooling 😉 What a fun read, Sarah! 🙂

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