How It’s Possible to Rest In the 21st Century

It was after a long season of being thoroughly burned-out in life and relationships and ministry before someone suggested that what was lacking in my life wasn’t more activity, it was less. They mentioned this idea of Sabbath rest and invited me to consider how I was living opposed to that. And so began my journey into what this whole idea of Sabbath rest is all about.
I did what I always do when I want to learn about something new – I found some books. In particular, I read Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner and 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life by Dr. Matthew Sleeth. What I heard in their writing voices wasn’t the kind of holier-than-thou attitude I’d expect from people who seem to have this whole rhythm-of-life thing figured out. It was quite the opposite, in fact. What I heard was a sort of peace and depth that was incredibly reassuring and refreshingly attractive in the midst of my non-stop busyness.
I’m over at Laurel Magazine, talking about Sabbath rest. Read the rest here….

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