in 2014, I will be…BRAVE

I love New Year’s Resolutions. Heck, I love all kinds of goals and every excuse to make them and renew them. And I’ve resolved to never do them the same way twice. So, for 2014, I wrote this post about my goals for the year in the form of 6 different words that I want to be committed to this year. I thought it would be fun to take some time to explore each of the words and how they are weaving into my life in this season. The first one is creative. The second one is strong. The third one is simple. The fourth one is quiet. The fifth one is aware.

 The sixth one is BRAVE.

I started to write about how I  want to be a brave person, and then stopped to admire all the incredibly BRAVE people that are in my life, and took the whole month of November to share some of their stories. You can read posts from Lisa, Rachel, Sean, Arielle, Andy, and Kaley from that month!

The running theme that I noticed from each of their beautiful and poignant pieces on Bravery was that it’s not about feeling brave, because hardly anyone does. What we all share in overwhelming and intimidating circumstances is fear. What we do in the face of that fear is where courage can be found.

One of my favorite authors, Sarah Bessey, says that the truth about being brave is that “we like to talk a lot about being brave because the actual doing of it is so freaking terrifying. And tiring. And ordinary.

For me, being brave is about facing the things that feel scary.What feels scary to me is anything where I might fail in front of other people. The failure thing is scary, for sure, but only because of what I’m afraid it will say about me. Or rather, I’m afraid of what it will reveal about me. That’s the scary part. I can’t depend on feeling brave, because mostly, I’ll just be feeling scared. But the BRAVE part is choosing to do something in spite of that fearfulness.

I’m terrified to let people see the parts of me that are still “in process”; the parts I’m not proud of, or that I’m still figuring out. The incomplete works. Having someone that I meet with weekly to talk about writing and keep each other accountable is simultaneously precisely what I need, but also incredibly intimidating.

2014 brought around plenty of opportunities to be brave; some that I embraced, others that I hid from. In 2015, I’m hoping to step out with writing in some big ways. Stay tuned….


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