What I’m Into: November 2014 Edition

Welcome to my first monthly edition of “What I’m Into” – had to steal this idea from some other great bloggers and compile all these fun things from November into one place!

What I’m Watching:

LOVED Mockingjay (Part 1) – was so pleasantly surprised what they did with it. Review to come, and lots of excitement for the movies in theater right now that I haven’t gotten to see yet – Interstellar, The Theory of Everything, and Nightcrawler.

Finally ordered my all-time favorite Robert Downey Jr. movie on DVD – previously only had it on VHS! 🙂 Now I can watch Heart & Souls whenever my little heart desires!

Been telling my friend Sean about how great Christopher Nolan’s Memento is – finally picked a day to watch it, can’t wait to see what he thinks!

What I’m Reading:

Finished some great books this month – definitely putting considerable time into trying to finish everything on my “Started-But-Haven’t-Yet-Finished” shelf before the new year!

Impacting me and seemingly every conversation I’ve had this month is Margaret Feinberg’s Wonderstruck and Barbara Brown Taylor’s Learning to Walk in the Dark – can’t recommend these strongly enough!

Already posted about this incredible book, Jarhead, and what an impact it made on me as Veteran’s Day approached.

What I’m Eating/Cooking:

I don’t cook much, so if you’re looking for some great recipes, head over to the hospitality guru herself, Shauna Niequist, for her Thanksgiving recipes!

However, I have taken responsibility for this Cranberry Sauce at Thanksgiving  – the orange is the key!

On the Internets:

My favorite online read this month was Relevant’s piece on “So Your Life Didn’t Turn Out The Way You’d Hoped” – poignant and relatable and precisely the reminder I needed.

I really wish I were better at impressions, because I love how this girl keeps herself busy in traffic doing celebrity impressions, and I want to hang out with her!

Loved this piece from Time Magazine’s series on famous peoples “What I’m Thankful For” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Deeply touched by “The Images That Moved Them Most: Photographers on America’s Veterans” – notable photographers choose the image that most impacted them. These moments captured are truly incredible, many of them of soldiers who have since sacrificed their lives on the battlefields.

Had NO idea that there was another Peter Pan adaptation on the horizon, and was so excited to see these photos released of the movie Pan, starring none other than Hugh Jackman as the villain, Blackbeard!

What I’m Writing:

I took the month of November (mostly) off of blogging to focus on several speaking engagements! Thankfully, I had some amazing friends who took the reins and filled in for my series about being BRAVE. You can read posts from Lisa, Rachel, Sean, Arielle, Andy, and Kaley from that month! (also check out Sarah Bessey’s blog on Bravery)

For 2014, I wrote this post about my goals for the year in the form of 6 different words that I want to be committed to this year. I thought it would be fun to take some time to explore each of the words and how they are weaving into my life in this season. The first one is creative. The second one is strong. The third one is simple. The fourth one is quiet. The fifth one is aware. I’m finishing these up with my own post on Brave (after that great series of guest posts), and then looking forward to what these will look like for 2015.

I may have begun considering the thought of starting to brainstorm to potentially write a book.

What I’ve Been Up To:

I had the chance to speak at Azusa Pacific’s Senior Chapel this month, as well as the Women’s Resource Center’s “One Smart Cookie” event tomorrow -Tuesday, November 25th. I love APU, and it is such an honor to get to be a part of both of these days! (You can check out my speaking page for more info on future events!)

I also got to attend Cornerstone Church’s Women’s Retreat up at Forest Home at the beginning of the month, and loved getting some time in the mountain air and the chance to hear from Billy Graham’s daughter, Gigi! Sure didn’t hurt waking up to this view, either…fh 1


2 thoughts on “What I’m Into: November 2014 Edition

    • Sarah Rose says:

      Dearest Margaret, WOW! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for reading, and for writing this incredible book. It truly has been impacting me, and you’ve gained a HUGE fan who is anticipating “Fight Back with Joy” in January! 🙂

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