BRAVE November – Arielle

I am so excited to finally let you all in on the INCREDIBLE people who contributed to this “BRAVE” series!
The next is Arielle. She’s an Azusa Pacific University student, studying psychology and graduating this year! She also serves as the Community Life Intern at Fellowship Monrovia, and blogs at “Chronicles of a Lioness“. Even more significant than these positions and titles, though, is that Arielle is an artist. She is a poet and a writer and a real rock star. Please, please, please do yourself a favor and skip on over to her YouTube channel and watch some of her performances. She’s amazing!

She is a beautiful inspiration to so many, and I am definitely  one of those people! So thankful to share her words about courage here with all of you.


Our fairytales have thin traces of it when the princess decides to switch out her dress and tiara for sharp words, a sword, or a trusty stallion.

It’s the moment when courage shatters walls of fear and the moment we believe that maybe the world isn’t so big and vast after all.


Sara Bareilles sings about it in the way we use or don’t use our words and about breaking out of cages. But for each of us, this bravery song hums a different melody depending on the areas in which we need to stretch ourselves a little further away from our comfort zones.

For me, this song has hummed that my words and the fire burning in the pit of my gut where passion and fervent desires to do something bigger than I could dream exist, is where I need to dwell more. Bravery is somewhat engrained in my namesake. Arielle means “Lioness of God” in Hebrew. It means that by birth, I have had a lion’s mane bloom next to my soul, yet I have hushed its roar so many times. For years, I was an internal human being with a hurricane of emotions swirling inside of me and I refused to expose them in fear of not being accepted by everyone who was so used to my silence. My bravery came in subtle waves, unleashing little parts of my true self without anyone’s permission. Then it became more about unleashing little parts of my true self and loving them myself, without anyone’s permission.

That true self reflected into my love for words and orchestrating them into poetry. Whenever I step on a stage to perform, it’s like a battle between bravery and fear every single time. That moment is when my entire heart bleeds in front of a microphone with no guarantee that anyone will be there to help me clean it up or even stay until I’m done spilling my deepest insecurities and heart songs. On that stage is where I realize that bravery for me is about having the courage to do what scares the mess out of me. It’s on that stage where I realize that in my attempts to walk in boldness, God will meet me there and take my cape when it gets too heavy.

For me, this bravery song has hummed that a hushed spirit is not one I posses, that there are vibrant and boisterous songs that have the strongest desire to belt its messages regardless of whether or not there is an applause to follow.

You see dear ones, bravery is not always about declaring crazy statements from a mountaintop or skydiving out of a moving plane. Bravery can simply be about not biting your tongue anymore and letting the words flow out as they were meant to. Bravery can be about the purest form of vulnerability and having the strength to be honest with yourself and others.

Bravery can simply be about refusing to hush the lion’s roar purring next to your heartbeat. About believing that you are capable of so much, dreaming so big it scares you half to death, and having the courage to step outside these safe little homes we build for ourselves where we believe we can’t be hurt.

Bravery is the voice that whispers to us, “Darling, you were meant for this” and having the courage to actually believe it.


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