#30SOL – in which I am not a son of God

I had a conversation with a college student recently, where he brought up his recent experience attending a church on a Sunday when a woman preached. I asked what he thought about it, and, consequently, what he thought about women in ministry leadership, to which he replied happily, “It was totally fine, it was just as good as if a man had given it!”

If you polled an average church body, you could ask all the women – “How many of you have sang out the words to a worship song where you the words referred to you as a ‘son of God’?”, most hands would go up. If you asked the question to the men – “How many of you have sang out the words to a worship song where you the words referred to you as a ‘daughter of God’?”, I can’t imagine a single hand being raised. In fact, as a woman, I don’t know of a single song in our worship selections that use the phrase “daughter of God”. I can think of a few that refer to men and women in the church, usually with the women as a refrain of the men.

In looking for a job in full-time ministry, there have been more than 10 job descriptions that used phrases like “he will have a strong leadership sense” and “he will be a wise manager of money”, you have pointed out that however important it is for that pastor to be a strong leader and wise steward, he must be a he in order to qualify. (you can read more about these experiences here)

I have been in church youth groups for more than 13 years, as a student and as a leader, and because I am a woman, I am the token expert on “modesty talks” because I’ve heard so many. My male peers who have been in the same groups as a student and leader may never have heard one.

One experience does not equal all experiences, but this is mine. #faithfeminisms


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