31 Days of Letters Wrap-Up

For those of you who have been following this project on the blog the last month, thank you SO much, it was a blast!

What I did was, in thinking about what I wanted my plate to hold in December, I kept coming back to my sweet friend Emily and the 31-Day Writing Challenge she did back in October last year.  I was so inspired by Emily’s brave and vulnerable letters to different things and people in her life, I thought that would be a fun project to try in the month of December! So, for each day of the month, I wrote a letter to someone or something, and here’s what they were:

Day 1 – Dear Christmas Season, I’m so glad you’re here.

Day 2 – Dear CS Lewis, thank you for writing.

Day 3 – Dear Baby James, you are one lucky baby.

Day 4 – Dear High School Girls, I’m so thankful for you.

Day 5 – Dear Pinterest, you are the best time-waster around.

Day 6 – Dear Musicians, how do you do it?

Day 7 – Dear Happy Foods, thanks for brightening my life.

Day 8 – Dear Sabbath, you make life abundant.

Day 9 – Dear Movies, I might be in love.

Day 10 – Dear Jenna, I miss you.

Day 11 – Dear Duell House Heater, you’re the WORST.

Day 12 – Dear Loves of My People, take care of them.

Day 13 – Dear YouTube, thank you for baby videos.

Day 14 – Dear Cal Baptist, I did it!

Day 15 – Dear Mom & Dad, I have you to thank for everything.

Day 16 – Dear Joy, you’re quite elusive.

Day 17 – Dear #1469670, you are more than that to me.

Day 18 – Dear Ministry Job Listings, be careful what you say.

Day 19 – Dear Hunger, maybe there’s more to you than shame.

Day 20 – Dear Villains, I might be obsessed with you.

Day 21 – Dear Duell House, you (we) are the best!

Day 22 – Dear Summit Lake, I miss you already.

Day 23 – Dear God, you always hear me.

Day 24- Dear Crying, there’s more to your meaning.

Day 25- Dear Baby Jesus, thank you for your arrival.

Day 26- Dear Reading, you are always there when I need you.

Day 27- Dear Blog Readers, thank you.

Day 28 – Dear Portland, are we meant for each other?

Day 29 – Dear Sarah Bessey, thank you, and keep writing!

Day 30 – Dear 2013, goodbye!

Day 31 – Dear 2014, hello and welcome to new resolutions!

This project really got me into a habit of blogging daily, which was harder than I expected it to be, particularly during the holiday season, but by the end of the month, I felt disappointed that it was all over! It was great to have this new little daily habit, and I really started to notice things about the people around me in terms of how each of their creative processes work, whether it’s music or writing or drawing. I’m fascinated by how people learn creativity, and that definitely influenced the resolutions for this year – check out Day 31 to read more!

I’m excited to welcome 2014, and to think about what it will have in store for “Hope As An Anchor”, stay tuned to find out!


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