Day 30 – Dear 2013

2013 new year sparkler

Dear 2013,

Well, we’ve had a good time together, haven’t we?

When the year started, I was still recovering from the repercussions of a rough breakup from the year before, and was just starting to be back to myself. I had an incredible birthday with so many dear friends, and finished up great Master’s program. I kept working in my awesome job at APU, and was so excited to spend another year with my fantastic roommates. Our Bible study continued to grow, as many of the newlyweds became not-so-newlyweds now expecting their first babies. It’s been a year of more transitions.

In the deeper sense, this year has felt kind of like an emotional earthquake, as I witnessed the shaking-down of lots of pieces of who I think I am, and observing the parts that stayed standing. I was often surprised by the ingredients of my life that drifted away, and those that remained steadfastly anchored. I realized how important my community is, and how hard it is to be hurt by those who are the closest. I watched so many friends moving forward in their lives and relationships in ways that I’m not, which caused me to embark on a long journey of seeking contentment in the midst of what feels like a very lonely season. 2013 has been a year full of me choosing selfishness and self-pity rather than joy, and I’m thankful for the lessons that have come from it, though it has been very challenging throughout.

One of the most valuable things I learned this year was the value and biblical importance of remembering. One of our pastors preached this last Sunday about how important it is to take the time, not only to remember what God has done, but to take action in the faith that has grown from that remembrance. I have watched God’s faithfulness in each and every circumstance, from the biggest to the smallest, and can continue into the next year with much greater faith knowing that God is unchanging, and that He will continue to be faithful in the unknown that is to come in the next year.

Check back in tomorrow for the letter to 2014 and my resolutions!


Sarah Rose

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