Day 29 – Dear Sarah Bessey

Dear Sarah Bessey,

I just had a feeling I was really going to like you, and I was right!

Starting out on the best foot possible, sharing names, of course…

Then, while I hadn’t read your book yet, I was so excited to get to attend The Junia Project book-signing night for you! You were so honest and genuine on-stage, and I loved the stories and insights you shared about your books, “Jesus Feminist“.

Jesus Feminist

You were so easy to relate to, and so very humble, it was impossible not to listen to you and to admire the strength and courage you have to write these truths that so often prove unpopular.

As Shauna would say, “Pick up a needle and thread, and stitch together something particular and honest and beautiful, because we need it. I need it. Thank you, and keep going.”

I needed to hear your words that night. Thank you for writing this beautiful chapter and for reading it outloud at that event.

Even more so, thank you for writing this incredible book that I couldn’t put down. It contained so much of the encouragement and insight that I constantly need. You made me feel empowered and able to keep on keepin’ on. What you’ve written is so important. As Rachel Held Evans wrote about you, “She proves that you don’t have to speak in anger to speak a hard truth.” (xv)

Thank you for this mission, for the work that you do in your family, in your writing, in your church, in your world, and thank you for inviting so many of us into it.


A Fellow Sarah

P.S. Full review of Sarah Bessey’s book coming in January! 🙂


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