Day 28 – Dear Portland

Dear Portland,

You weren’t really on the map for me until a few years ago when Stacie and I made our big Dudesie Road Trip up the coast! Between our drive up and back, we saw Monterrey, San Francisco, Ashland, Bend, Seattle, Federal Way, Forks, and La Push. It was such a blast to road trip that whole way with my best friend and to see so much in just a few days. One thing that Stacie and I certainly agreed on was how incredible Oregon was. We saw some really beautiful places in western Washington, but the trees along the dive through Oregon really stands out to me. Both being from Southern California, we had truly never seen anything like that before. We took turns driving and sleeping as we drove through Oregon, and also drove along what seemed to be a statewide marathon, and the trees were just unreal.

All that to say, Oregon jumped up the list of places I would love to live as of that trip in 2009.

Then, two lovely new friends, Tristan & Kari, moved down here from the Portland area just this last summer, bringing with them all kinds of stories and reasons why I would love this incredible city. One of those reasons is everything about this video:

I mean, come on. Seriously? How could I deny this? What an absolutely breathtaking place. I am certain that the idea of you, Portland, is greater than what you actually hold. However, I find the draw of your trees and sunrises and hipster vibe to be almost irrefusable. I think I’ll start with a trip up there in Spring and go from there, but what I can say to you now is that we will meet in person, and I will find out if you are really the city for me. 🙂


Sarah Rose


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