Day 27 – Dear Blog Readers

thank you 2

Dear all of you who read “Hope As An Anchor”,

I want to pause and say thank you! It’s Day 27 of 31, just a few more to go before we celebrate the new year and the completion of “A December of Letters”. Keep an eye out for a few more days on Portland, Sarah Bessey, Caffeine, and 2014. It’s been so fun to work on this project – including more tedious hours writing than I’d expected, and it’s been so rewarding to share!

I so appreciate everyone who took the time to read one or more of these letters and posts, and for those who have encouraged, affirmed, liked, and even disagreed! It’s a blast to have this ongoing writing throughout the month, and while I do love to write these, it’s each of you that I think of when I write them. I hope that they have brought attention to some new things, both important and unimportant, as well as hopefully starting conversations about some other topics. I always welcome input on things you’d like to read more of, and look forward to a new year in 2014 of growth and stretching.

Humbled by all those who subscribe and receive these in your inboxes each day. Thank you, sincerely, for the encouragement you are just by being readers. (If you’d like to subscribe, simply enter your email address in the box on the right-hand side of the screen).

With gratiude,

Sarah Rose

thank you


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