Day 22 – Dear Summit Lake

Dear Summit Lake,

I miss you so much. Barb and Greg’s beautiful hospitality and your breathtaking views made your shores my most favorite place I have ever been in my 25 and 1/2 years of life. I just want to think about visiting you again ASAP….

summit lake 1

So many beautiful places…summit lake 2

The tree in front of the Jensen’s home that is always changing…
summit lake 3

I loved all the leaves covering the roads at every time of day…summit lake 4

And that they actually fall off the trees at a regular rate….the idea of “Fall” had previously eluded me! summit lake 5

My favorite place, in the hammock, looking out at the lake…summit lake 6

Followed closely by sitting on the porch with Ashley, drinking tea and feeling the breeze…summit lake 7

And sharing time with these incredible women….

summit lake 8

Can’t wait to see you again! I’m sure you are covered with snow right now, and I hope to be back when the leaves are changing again.


Sarah Rose


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