Day 21 – Dear Duell House

Dear Duell House,

What great times we’ve had! I remember move-in day and my mom snapping this picture…

duell 10

…it took a lot longer than expected to get furniture in the living room, but we were REALLY excited when we got the couches…
duell 7…we have taken some adorable Christmas card pictures, too…

duell 6duell 11

…we have some great honorary roommates, like Grace, who know their way around our house as well as we do…duell 2

…if we’re being honest, a lot of our favorite Duell House activities involved food – like walking to the Food Trucks on Wednesdays…

duell 5

…or working out together and then pigging out on pizza…
duell 4

…but mostly I just think our house is full of the coolest gals around!

duell 3Thanks, Duell House, for all the great memories so far, and many more to come! 🙂


Sarah Rose


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