Day 14 – Dear Cal Baptist

Dear Cal Baptist,

Yesterday, I graduated. I drove the 40+ miles to your campus from my home in Glendora for the last time. and that part, I am glad to say goodbye to. I have completed all the requirements and received my Master’s hood in the morning at a great ceremony with three other classmates.

photo 2

I got to spend time with my parents, and they got to hear about the program, the hood, and the incredible experience that we all have had at CBU.

photo 1

And then last night, I got to be a part of the Cal Baptist Fall Commencement Ceremony and celebrate afterwards with so many great friends.

photo (1)

AND my brother!!

photo 3

This has been such a fantastic journey, and so integral in all the things God has done in my life since last May. I really can’t believe it’s all over. However, it is so good to have had the experience that I did, and to know that now it’s really about whether I learned what I think I learned and can put it into practice. New chapter, here we go!


Sarah Rose

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