Day 12 – Dear Loves of My People

Dear Loves of My People,

I’ve only seen a few episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” when my roommates watch it, but I believe that the show’s concept of “my person” is well-known enough to be adopted by even the non-Grey-fans, such as myself. (check out this fun Buzzfeed illustration of this for deeper understanding)

Battle buddy

I know exactly who “my people” are. It’s easy for me to recognize the people whose comfort and affirmation I most deeply desire, and the ones that I go to when things are falling apart, or just to laugh with when I start to take myself too seriously. They are the ones that I communicate with the most effortlessly, and the ones who almost always “get what I mean”. These people are the relationships that give me the most life, and the ones I depend on the most.

Several of these people have their own people. It’s interesting to recognize the inherit lack of balance in adult friendships. We all give and receive from different people in different seasons, and that seems to be part of the nature of friendships. But I’m not just talking about that natural ebb and flow, I’m talking about some of my closest friends who have either a boyfriend or husband in their life, who is now their person. These gentlemen are now a part of my life because they are a part of the lives of these people who are closest to me. They may not know that they are signing up for that, but that’s what they get.

So to each of you, the people that my people love, thank you for loving these people that I consider so lovable, for recognizing the things that I see in each of them as so beautiful and captivating. I appreciate the bond we have in them, and the knowledge that there is another person out there who knows how wonderful they are. (Some of my people don’t have that person yet, and so this is a note to those future people, as well). I am so glad that they have you. Romantic love like yours brings joy like few other things on earth, and it makes me so happy that you make my people so happy. Be careful with them, knowing that they are so much more fragile than you or they realize. Remember that they are worthy of love not because you or I say so, but because they were created in the image of the God who controls all things and created all things. Know that you and I are on the same team because we love them, and that I am always on the side of your relationship. I will root for it and remind her to talk to you and share with you, and know that we all have to have our person (or people) and I am so glad that each of them have you.


Sarah Rose

P.S. The idea for this letter was planted at a dear friend’s wedding over the summer – Rachel’s sister Emily’s speech was about giving away her person Rachel, to her new husband, Patrick. It was so sweet. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Dear Loves of My People

  1. Rachel Lotz says:

    LOVE. Of course it made me think of my Lulu, before I even read your P.S.. Sarah, you are such a sweetheart, and you make me smile 🙂 Oh and Patrick just got home, so I read it to him too!

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