Day 6 – Dear Musicians


Dear Musicians,

How did you figure out that music would be a thing that you do? I am fascinated by the life of musicians, the life of shows and rehearsals and practicing. This seems to be such an unfamiliar concept of life, and I’m so intrigued. Surely it’s not the glamorous life that the media makes it out to be, but there is something I am curious about and mildly envious of – the rush of performing. Did you know that you wanted to do this as a part of your life, or is it just a side project that you do, a hobby of sorts? The simple element of performing music is so interesting to me, and all that goes with it, just on its own, seems delightful.

music 2

When worship is added into the mix, it takes on a whole other dimension. I love the idea that music is used to lead people towards Christ, and am impassioned by the effect it has on me. What a concept! I have such deep love for the process of leading people into deeper relationship with God via the teaching of God’s Word, but this musical idea is different – wonderful work in the body. I often wonder what it takes to know that leading others in musical worship is a call, and not simply an extension of a love for music, or if that’s it, and whether that is ok, too.

Leading in worship is a task that seems daunting, and a weight that would weigh heavy on these shoulders. I admire those who take on this mission, and admit a desire to learn what this looks like, despite the apprehension of the responsibility. If anyone would like to take my basic piano and guitar skills and help develop a basic understanding to be able to substitute for a real worship leader when the need arises, please let me know. Know that I recognize, salute, admire, and appreciate the gifts and abilities you bring to the body, and recognize how important your work is.


Sarah Rose


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