Day 5 – Dear Pinterest

pinterest 1

Dear Pinterest,

I never understood wasting time before you came around.

After a few years of our relationship, I’ve got boards of great quotes, cute things, fashion, Paris and travel (extra literary points if you get the reference of the board title), DIY & creative ideas, Christmas stuff, books, Hunger Games, food & recipes, health & fitness, a whole board that my roommates and I pin funny things on devoted to our Duell House humor, and my personal favorite – the geeking out movie board, chock full of facts and pictures and trivia. We have been through several boards for people expecting new babies, two Hunger Games movies, and even an anti-Valentine’s Day party planning board with the girls.

pinterest 2

Your limits seem endless. I could spend hours on your “Humor” boards alone. In fact, I have, and I do. I feel like Pinterest is everything I want to look at on the internet in one place. It’s fantastic. For the record, not every girl on Pinterest is frantically pinning the perfect dress and mason jar decorations for a wedding that is nowhere in sight. Some of us just love a lifetime supply of ecards and Grumpy Cat memes and droolworthy Tom Hiddleston pictures at our fingertips.

Thanks for always being there, Pinterest.


A Twenty-Something Who Stays In Much Too Often

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