Day 2 – Dear C.S. Lewis

CS Lewis 1

Dear C.S. Lewis,

I am not a scholar. I have not researched your life. I have not investigated the rumors about you. I did not know you personally. I have not read everything you wrote. I do not know the truths in your mind behind the words that were penned. I do not know what your years on earth were like.

However, I want to thank you.

Thank you for writing the words that taught my father about God. For writing “Mere Christianity” in such a language that it invited his thoughts and consideration in a way no other book did. 

Thank you for correcting my presumptions about humility.

CS Lewis 10

Thank you for writing “The Problem of Pain” and inviting Juli and I  into a conversation about suffering, considering what may be the most important and difficult question that we face in life as Christians. Thank you for walking with us through each step of the process of trying to understand God’s universe. 

CS Lewis 6

Thank you for writing what you did in “The Four Loves” about friendship. You reminded me whats important about the friendships I have, and how glorious and rare they are in being built on Christ.

CS Lewis 8

Thank you for teaching me so many truths about God, and how immune He and His glory are to my wanderings and wonderings.

CS Lewis 5

Thank you for teaching me the most important lesson about vulnerability that I have ever learned. For wording this quote so beautifully that it is enough to pull me away from my most fierce self-protective strategies in favor of love and sharing.

CS Lewis 9

Finally, thank you for reminding me that there is a future ahead that is completely unknown to me, and therefore, not for fear, but for hope and excitement at what could be to come.

CS Lewis 11Thank you for all the ways you contributed to the kingdom and lives of Christians for so many years, even after you are gone.

Sarah Rose

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2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Dear C.S. Lewis

  1. pintentionalliving says:

    I’ve enjoyed C.S. Lewis since i first became interested in Christian theology. My favorite book by him is The Abolition of Man. It really influenced me to home school my kids and how I share faith and Jesus with them.

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