being 25 at this age

Sometimes it is challenging to be 25 at this age.


Being married is SO great! I’m sure there is someone out there for you!

– a happily married peer trying to be encouraging

Your youth is naive and worthless and you have no valuable life experience to offer or to help each other grow with.

– an older Christian, commenting on the idea of a group of 20-somethings pursuing discipleship

Being your age (25), unmarried and childless is worse than death.

– a high school student

If you just spend more time focusing on Jesus and being content with your singleness, your husband is sure to come around.

– a married peer, responding to my discomfort about being single

We don’t need men, look at how great it is to be independent in our 20’s!

– an unmarried peer

You know, there are a limited number of years that you are able to have children.

– my ovaries

These are the best years of your life, take advantage of them! Travel!

– a respected mentor who cherished her 20’s and is now in her 30’s with a beautiful family

Marriage is a calling that not everyone has, maybe it’s just not for you.

– another married peer, trying to encourage me to enjoy my singlehood

Maybe you are spending too much time on ministry and not enough time dating.

– an older adult

Maybe you are spending too much time on dating and not enough time on ministry.

– a different older adult

Wow, it must be so nice to be single and unattached and have so much freedom at your age.

– random lady at the grocery store

God intends for you to get married in your late teens, to focus on your marriage and family in your 20’s, and to start in on ministry in your 30’s.

– an older Christian professor teaching on the biblical life cycle

Grad school is just something women do in their 20’s because they don’t want to get married.

– an older Christian


Here are some more that Thought Catalog put together –


3 things that every 20-something deserves to hear, from Meg Jay:

1. Forget about having an identity crisis and think about getting some identity capital. Invest in yourself and your identity.

2. The urban tribe is overrated. Get out of the twenty-something safety zone.

3. The time to start picking your family is now. Be as intentional with love as you are with work.


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