Happy February!

Happy February, everyone!


For some of us, this month reeks of the scorns of singlehood, and for others it is a month to delight in the warmth of intimacy and romance. This blog-writer falls in the middle of those two extremes, and so February will be a month of posts on relationships and singlehood and what that looks like for this 24-year-old in this season of life.

Woohoo! Here’s to a month of non-bitter reflection! 🙂 images


Also, coming attractions after the relationship focus include two exciting projects:


–  A long-awaited list of best psychological thrillers in books and movies



– An advanced review of Shauna Niequist’s newest book “Bread and Wine”, which won’t be released until April 9th. Shauna is one of my FAVORITES and I am SO excited to read and review an advanced copy of the book in March!


Also, I found this great blog  where the wise author shared the way she does goals, and I thought I’d put them into practice.


–          My homework

–          Run every week

–          Eat breakfast daily


–          Re-reading Hunger Games

–          Finish Jan Winebrenner’s Spiritual Disciplines book with Juli

–          Finish “Desiring God” by John Piper

–          “Love Does” by Bob Goff

–          Re-read “Shutter Island” for fun

–          Finish the “20-something” book


–          James chapters 3-5 by memory

–          Whether I need glasses or contacts soon


–          Restful and observant of Sabbath on Sundays

–          Aware of how much I’m investing and present in the moment

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