I’m so glad the Mayans were wrong!

a.k.a…… Happy New Year!

Well, 2012 certainly didn’t disappoint! In all honesty, I am relieved that it is over and that another fresh start is upon me.  Starting a new year is like a trophy, in my mind, for completing the last one, and boy does this one feel earned. 2012 was full of those lessons that can’t be learned secondhand – the kind of lessons that come from the experiences and hurts and processes of life. I’ve talked to a few people who, as this year comes to a close, reflect back on the last year and notice few changes in their own lives or development in their own person. I, however, cannot claim such an assessment. I don’t know if I have ever learned, changed, or experienced more in any year of my life as much as I have this past one. And there have been days, even weeks, of this year where I thought there was going to be no redemption for 2012. I thought it would live in my memory as the worst year of my 24-year-old life. There were so many difficult parts and times where I was completely overwhelmed and broken. And yet, as I sit and think back on the year, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness at how God has managed to weave the threads of His faithfulness, provision, and guidance through this year in a way that is so undeniable. The year overflowed with change and growth and so many new adventures. There is absolutely no way that in January of 2012 I would have guessed, or even chosen, to be in the place I am, with the life I’m leading, today. 2012 brought the beginning of my graduate degree program, the affirmation of a position at APU that I love so much, the end of a treasured romantic relationship, the beginning and deepening of so many close friendships, and the invaluable lesson of adulthood that is the dependence on God, the independence from other people’s expectations, and the interdependence of Christian community. There will surely be many more reflections here of what this year has brought, but I say, 2012, you were quite a ride. Here’s to 2013!

Happy New Year from the Gatsby party!

Happy New Year from the Gatsby party!

Here’s the annual resolution list…………

In 2013, things to accomplish:

–           Visit Emily and Tim in Couer D’Alene

–           Visit Casey in Seattle

–           Deal with my abundance of small bookcases

–           Re-read all my grad program books

–           Run a 5K

–           See autumn in New York

–           See a firefly with my own eyes

–           Learn to do a cartwheel


In 2013, things to start:

–     Taking a yoga class

–     Taking a dance class

–     Planning a trip to Paris in 2014

–     Growing herbs at the Duell House with my roommates

–     Managing stress better


In 2013, things to finish:

–     Memorizing the book of James

–     My leg tattoo

–     Redecorating my room


In 2013, things to do more often:

–     Eat breakfast

–     Play basketball

–     Run – three times/week

–     Blog – weekly


In 2013, things to get:

–     New computer

–     Foot tattoo

–     Eye exam

–     Nose (re) pierced



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