2012 is almost over?

SO much has changed since the beginning of this year. I’ve written and re-written my list of goals, aspirations, resolutions, whatever you want to call them. I wrote this list in January at the beginning of 2012. Then I went through and re-wrote it in March when my boyfriend at the time decided to move to take a job in Northern California. Not long after that, I went through a painful break-up with that person and revisited the list when so many of my daily habits changed because that person wasn’t in my life anymore.  Then, in May I started grad school and have since seen another change in my limited amount of free time for fun hobbies and new things, but the list has remained. And it’s been an incredible litmus test for how things have been going thus far.

Here’s some things from the list that I have successfully tried or accomplished:

  • Spend another year with my wonderful roommates
  • Re-decorated my room
  • Get rid of or thoroughly organize anything I have “in storage”.
  • Go to a movie by myself.
  • Hike on my own.
  • Try new foods and cook with new recipes.
  • Make a dentist appointment – seek relief from TMJ.
  • Start flossing.
  • Buy myself flowers.
  • Wear high heels more often.
  • Continue to stick to my budget and paying off my credit card.
  • Sleep more – or as much as my insomnia will allow.
  • Play guitar more often.
  • Get a piano/keyboard and play that often.
  • Try a new haircut/style.
  • Turn off my phone for at least an hour a day.
  • Make a habit out of doing something I don’t like – running AND eating spinach!
  • Refine my self-image – seek accuracy, not affirmation.
  • Be a guest author on someone else’s blog  (this happened! posted this week on Kristin Ritzau’s blog!)

Now it’s the end of October and there are two months left in the year, and there are a couple things left on the list, and surprisingly, there are some things that I don’t have as much desire to do anymore, for one reason or another. A few that are definitely still on the list and I will try and do in November or December! 🙂

  • Join a gym with yoga classes & a basketball court – I am too in love with running outside to spend money on a gym membership, I think, but I would like a place to play basketball.
  • Completely give up caffeine – I’m in grad school and work and am in ministry, I just can’t quit.
  • Get a pet – can’t, my roommates say no. 😦
  • Memorize an entire book of the Bible. (this is happening! working on James right now!)
  • Finish my tattoo. (still on the list!)
  • Collect copies of a certain book with a cool cover(s). (still on the list!)
  • Build/do something creative with a bookcase. (still on the list!)
  • Get a new laptop and learn how to use my external hard drive. (still on the list!)
  • Use pinterest, be crafty, take time for projects. (still on the list!)

Wow! There’s so much that has gone on, internally and externally, this list barely touches on so much of it. But looking at this makes me happy and excited for the next two months and for what an irreplaceable year this has been in who I am today! 2012, you were full of trial and refinement and pain, yet you haven’t disappointed in the slightest as you have shown me qualities of God that I have never experienced. Here’s to two more months of 2012.


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