Weekly Writing Challenge: Mes Choses Préférées

Picking just one favorite thing in life is like eating a gourmet meal in tiny pieces with a toothpick. Life is supposed to be enjoyed in beautiful combinations and is wrecked when things don’t include all the complementary flavors. However, when prompted, here’s what came to mind!

No, not that fabulous bow on top of my head. That guitar was a gift from my little brother, who had recently enlisted in the Marines and had picked out the greatest presents EVER for each of us in the family. It’s been interesting to see how the dynamics of our family have changed as my brother and I have entered adulthood, and this guitar is very representative of that to me. It was a very thoughtful and generous gift, and one that I know my dad and brother were excited for me to have, as they are both guitar players themselves, and musical ability seems to weave throughout my parents and brother, without crossing over much to me, much to my dismay.

In addition to being an important family symbol for me, this guitar, which I’ve had since Christmas of 2008, is also an important representation of the goals I’ve had as an independent adult in the years since then. I get great fulfillment in life from checking things off my “To-Do List” or hitting a mark I’ve set for myself. Teaching myself guitar with pointers from my roommate, best friend, and brother, was something I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do. And granted, I’m still no good. But the fact that I can sit down and play this instrument at the end of a long day is such a joy and is a constant reminder of the concept of practice and discipline and its importance in every area of our lives.

Finally, this day reminds me of how thankful I am for my little brother, who only has a few more days left of service in the Marines before he gets to come home, and especially with the the tumultuous time we are living in, and the September 11th memorial this week, as well as the tragedy in Libya, I am very thankful for those who serve and protect. Thanks for all you do, every day, not just on the ones where we celebrate you.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Mes Choses Préférées

  1. Sally Lochelt says:

    This photo reminds me that we live life in these small moments which can seem so inconsequential at the time, then when we look back on them a few days or years or decades later, they have taken on a whole different significance. I think that God views our lives moment to moment, and sees the “eternity” of each one. I would love to be able to live life that way, however as a person I can only take each moment and trust that God is giving me a precious gift. When you have a brief conversation with someone or someone gives you a smile or brief word- treat it as a treasure and savor it. A moment with your brother, a kind word to a stranger, waking up to a new day, can all be gifts from God, even if you never think of them again.

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