If you need a silly New Years’ Resolution: Click Here! 🙂

I had a long list of things I wanted to do in 2011, here are some of the highlights:

– I practiced tipping well.
– I tried some new Thai and Indian foods and loved them!
– I visited my grandparents several times and emailed them regularly.
– I donated blood two more times to get over how bad my experience was last year.
– I wrote to Brili and Raymond faithfully.
– I got a wonderful massage while on the retreat with the CBC Women.
– I worked on my posture.
– I tried some new recipes and had fun cooking with David.
– I journaled regularly all year.
– I walked on the beach in the middle of the night with David on our anniversary date, it was wonderful.
– I renewed my CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications.
– I planned and went on several retreats.
– I went to the doctor and got new prescriptions.
– I got to see Tyler Hilton in concert!
– I read a lot, but I didn’t keep track of which books I read, so I wasn’t doing it just for the feeling of accomplishment. (TWO goals)
– I talked to my mom and dad more regularly.
– I gave up caffeine (several times), but ended the year caffeine-free again.
– I fell more in love every single day of 2011.

Some tidbits of what I have learned this year:

LOSS – this was the first year that I had anyone in my immediate friends and family pass away. And my first REAL interaction with death sure didn’t come easy- in a matter of 8 months, I lost my dear friend Jenna, my paternal grandmother Georgia Lochelt, and my maternal grandfather Bob Taber. I’ve never spent so much time feeling so deeply grieved, nor have I ever come face to face with mourning in such a powerful way. It’s been a difficult year, and I believe the grief process doesn’t ever really end; it simply becomes a strand woven into the fabric of daily life. And these three losses are ones that I have only begun to process and understand, and that I have had difficulty reconciling with my usually cheerful disposition, as I haven’t really felt like myself since April. I know that brokenness and mourning are ways that God reminds us of our human frailties, and I’ve come to depend on Him even more than I ever thought possible this year.

VULNERABILITY – This is a lesson I feel I am continuously learning. I think the journey to being vulnerable with fellow humans is a lesson that we all spend our lives learning. However, for someone like me, it is a particularly difficult and painful lesson, fraught with fear and insecurity. I have such an incredibly difficult time facing the failure that so assuredly comes within the losing battle between me and giving up control to be vulnerable, and I’m not good at making the choice to be seen as emotional in any situation, I prefer to be the level-headed, in-control, person that everyone else depends on. And this year has removed so much of the internal strength that I’ve always depended on to support others, which has, in turn, forced me to face my own weaknesses and shortcomings in a very real way. I’ve had to confront the fact that I will never be able to meet all the needs of the people around me, even if life were easy and perfect, which it certainly isn’t. And while I’ve come to acknowledge the unrealistic expectations I have for myself, I still have a hard time getting out from under the pressures that I put on myself NOT to be vulnerable, in order that I can be as vulnerable as I need to be to have genuine relationships with my friends and with David.

And for 2012, I would really like to:

– Re-do my room and get rid of my clutter. Have nothing “in storage”.
– Play basketball regularly.
– Keep away from caffeine.
– Wait on God’s direction about grad school.
– Go to a movie by myself.
– Go to the zoo and feed a giraffe.
– Watch the sunrise.
– Go on walks and hikes with friends and alone.
– Get flexible again, try yoga.
– Finish my tattoo and get more.
– Memorize more of the Bible (including a whole book like Philippians or James).
– Have a real pet.
– Learn how to fasten something to the wall.
– Try out new recipes in my recipe binder.
– Collect one particular book with different covers/editions/artwork/etc.
– Build/do something creative with a bookcase.
– Visit the Grand Canyon, Salvation Mountain, and Yosemite.
– Ride in a helicopter.
– Go to the dentist and seek some relief from my TMJ.
– Write and perform spoken word.
– Journal and read the Bible every day
– Seek new ways of enjoying God daily.
– Stop being so uptight about being on time for everything. Don’t be afraid of interruptions.
– Have fresh flowers in my room to wake up to.
– Save money. For real. Stuck to my budget. Pay off my credit card.
– Care more about my sleep.
– Turn off my phone more often. Be present!
– Learn how to use my external hard drive.
– Visit a museum.
– Be crafty – do collages, make presents, create art.
– Keep practicing guitar. Get a keyboard, and start playing again.

I also really enjoyed this article from Relevant – The Care and Keeping of Resolutions – there are some great tips here for what a good resolution is all about! 🙂

I reserve the right to add to and change this list a whole bunch, but here’s the start! Happy 2012!


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