dream a little dream….

dream, [noun]

1.a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.

2.the sleeping state in which this occurs.

3.an object seen in a dream.

4.an involuntary vision occurring to a person when awake.

5.a vision voluntarily indulged in while awake; daydream;  reverie.

I am interested in dreams. I am definitely not the kind of person who would buy a dream interpretation book or consult a psychic or anything even remotely mystical, really. I think I’m a bit too skeptical to be able to accept interpretation for things as particular and unique as dreams to possibly be the same for the enormous range of humans found across our vast blue and green planet. However, I feel like God has given me a little bit of welcomed insight in the past few days about my own brain and the dreams I so often find myself plagued with. I’m one of those people who always dreams. Actually, I seem to remember reading in a psychology class that everyone dreams every night, it’s just a matter of whether we remember them or not. So, everyone dreams every night, including me, and I happen to be blessed (and sometimes cursed) with the brain that remembers them very vividly, most mornings when I wake up. And I love analyzing and trying to figure out why I dreamed about something or someone, which I can usually tie to some fleeting thought or reminder of them or that during the previous day, which is by far enough explanation for their presence. What I always wonder about more, though, is why I have so many of the same kind of dreams.

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.” [M. Norman]

And so, after yet another dream of the same flavor and sense as so many, I asked God if there was something I was supposed to figure out from these dreams. And he gently pointed me to describe the dream succinctly to Him, to which I responded, “I dream that I’m being held captive by something or someone but I’m supposed to go about life as usual and pretend everything is ok.”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Got it. I see what you did there, God.

So, while I don’t pretend to have some magical insight on dream analysis, I have taken a “step-back” perspective in my examinations and have found that there is some of my many issues that present truthfully through my dreams. I’m not sure if this presents any help to anyone else, but this was just a profound revelation for me about what the inner turmoil of my heart is like these days, I had to share. Seems like God will use any means to get through to us, and I really appreciate that about Him. 🙂

“I’ll take the dream I had last night,
And put it in my freezer,
So someday long and far away,
When I’m an old grey geezer,
I’ll take it out and thaw it out,
This lovely dream I’ve frozen,
And boil it up and sit me down
And dip my old cold toes in.”
(Shel Silverstein, “Frozen Dream,” A Light in the Attic)

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