define it.


sarah /ˈsɛərə/

– noun

  1. by origin; Hebrew  śārāh – princess, from sarah,  fem. of sar – “prince,” from sarar–  “he ruled,” related to Akkad.  sharratu “queen,” popular as a name for girls born in U.S. in 1870s and 1978-2000
  2. by association; a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, granddaughter, and now a girlfriend
  3. by activity; a reader, a basketball player, a learner, a laugher, a talker, and a hugger
  4. by past affliction; a sinner, a liar, a control freak, full of fear and insecurity and envy and malice, a perfectionist who defines herself by her accomplishments, a hedonist…(this list is abridged for the sake of space)

take special note of what is absent from the above definition, there are things that I do not do, things that are not a part of my definition. sometimes it’s hard to admit things that I don’t do, when my constant mantra is “do everything better” (a la Shauna Niequist), I decided to just own up to some things that I won’t do or be…

  1. one who “goes running”
  2. one who gardens
  3. one who enjoys baseball
  4. one who orders a burger at restaurants

but here’s the most important part of my definition:

sarah /ˈsɛərə/ – noun: a sinner whose slate has been wiped clean by the blood of her savior. a beloved and redeemed child of God. saved by grace. now, a worshiper of the God of the Universe. a servant and a lover.

today, I can be happy to be me.

because God knows me intimately, every one of my flaws and failures, and he still loves me more than anyone else ever will.

if He is happy with me, than I can be, too.

ℒℴts of ℒℴѵℯ, Sarah.