wish I had a “dislike” button

once again, I’m resorting to just making a list.

the following are things that I strongly dislike:

–          moths

–          butterflies

–          the sound of pages being rubbed together

–          elevators

–          attics

–          basements

–          headaches

–          cockroaches

–          Styrofoam

–          Open closet doors

–          Swallowing pills

–          bats

–          egg nog

–          sloppy joes

–          candy corn

–          piers

–          popping balloons

–          when people tell me what to do

–          throwing up

–          poor listeners

–          any flying bugs

–          the smell of eggs

–          drains and anything in them

Dear God, thank you for making all these things, but I just don’t enjoy any of them.


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